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Monday, November 19, 2018

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Fri, 08 Sep 2017 | By Administrator

We will be closing the B&O General Committee office this afternoon and remain closed through Monday, September 11th, and possibly Tuesday with Category 4 Hurricane Irma headed our way from South Florida. I’ve made this decision to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone working in the office.
We need this time to prepare our homes and property for the arrival of Irma, which is supposed to hit Jacksonville as early as tomorrow. The Department of Transportation will be closing all the bridges in Jacksonville and much of the city will be evacuated with this Dangerous Storm headed our way.
Some of us will not even be able to drive to the office to work with the Bridges being closed. 
We will make sure we have our cell phones powered up available to handle any issues you might need our assistance with while the office is closed.
Trusting You Understand This Decision, 
Steve Mavity
General Chairman – SMARD TD - B&O General Committee

SMART-TD General Chairmen Respond to CSX CEO E. Hunter Harrison "employee" Comments

Thu, 03 Aug 2017 | By Administrator

SMART Transportation Division General Chairperson on CSX property joined together to address CSX CEO E. Hunter Harrison's comments blaming employees for service disruptions.
In a recent email to shipping customers, Harrison said "The pace of change at CSX has been extremely rapid, and while most people at the company have embraced the new plan, unfortunately, a few have pushed back and continue to do so." Harrison went on to blame some employees "resistance to change" for the service disruptions.
SMART-TD General Chairperson, which represents CSX Train and Engine service employees, issued a letter on August 3, 2017, responding to the comments stating, “The Organization refuses to accept responsibility for service disruptions that negatively affect the customers when we have no input on operational changes.” The General Chairmen continued by stating, “To suggest contract employees would intentionally disrupt operations misleads the general public and insults the integrity of our crafts. This Organization will not allow our members to serve as an excuse for management’s inability to communicate and execute your ‘precision scheduled railroading’.”
You can read the full letter here.